home sweet home

you have discovered the solengelo appreciation corner! okie… i had to talk about solengelo because they are one of my favoriteeee ships! eek! *in which i act like a five-year old who devoured a bag of sugar* nowww *drumroll* here are a few notes about solengelo (pinterest FORTHESOUL):

  • if you don’t know what the hiffle i’m talking about (home for infinite losers), i dare you to read the percy jackson series, throw popcorn at the movies, and swoon at 4000 word fanfictions. thank me later.
  • will makes nico happy (and let’s face it– nico has the best smile fIGHT ME).
  • nico’s angsty lines and will’s protectiveness is indescribable– the closest thing i have is squealing into your pillow for ten minutes straight.
  • through the darkest of times, they’ve always helped the other out. like the sun and moon, they are destiny’s child. (… i- i’m sorry *hides face*)