11 facts about me, myself, and I + imagine…

Okay. Let’s do this.wwaterunderthebridge.wordpress.com
Yayayay! This is the second week I’m posting! Consistently! Honestly, I think I deserve some kind of medal* But really, if I can get through 3 more weeks in a row then somebody better throw a party with lots of cookies. I actually thought this was going to be my first blog post, but it’s happening now.

*and I totally didn’t scramble to write this at the last-minute… totally
  1. my favorite color is orange
    orange just brightens up my mood, you know? like, every shade is a ray of sunshine.
  2. love chocolate
    chocolate is like heaven in my mouth. Correction, it is heaven in my mouth. again, it makes me feel happy and rewarded. I’m pretty much convinced that if cocoa beans weren’t discovered, humans would be forever doomed. ahem, moving on.
  3. my favorite season is autumn
    don’t you just love that word, autumn? autumn aesthetics are lovely, and the weather is perfect. I love the crunch of leaves under my feet and the dew reflected by the sun. fall scents are sooo good to and I get a good excuse to constantly drink hot chocolate.
  4. i believe in nargles
    no really, my hogwarts letter probably got lost in the owlpost.
  5. ambiverts unite!
    I used to be an introvert in sixth grade, but i’ve opened up a lot more and don’t really shy away from social… stuff. yes, stuff. it’s a lot easier to talk to people now.
  6. I like thai food
    first of all, the noodles, so yum. I also really like spicy food and thai is spicy+sweet.
  7. my hair is really curly
    unfortunately, it’s frizzy too so that sucks. i used to always want to have straight hair, but I’ve grown to love the awfully complicated thing on my head.
  8. I’m a nerdfighter!
    i learned about the awesome community of nerdfighters in fifth grade, and I’m so glad my teacher told me about them! seriously, john and hank are some of my role models. coincidentally, pizza is also my fav food! together, we can make “french the llama” a thing.
  9. i have a huge sense of wanderlust
    one day, i promise that I’m going to travel the world. something i’ve always wanted to do is visit each state in a day and just go around towns, try new things, and just be a professional tourist.
  10. dragons are my favorite animals
    and no one shall say otherwise. *but-* anyway, i first grew fond of them through eragon (which you should totally read) and ever since, well, I’ve tried to discover everything dragon!
  11. something i really wish i could do was walk on clouds
    I’d be on top of the world.

    Aaaaaaand that’s 11 facts about me! Or probably 12 including the pizza thing. Now moving on to the “imagine” thing. So I’ve always wondered what would or would’ve happened, or just things that are impossible. Wouldn’t it just be awesome to be able to do these or think about how different things would be that way? First of all-

  • Imagine…
    that everyone in the world stopped talking at the same time. engines would become silent, there would be no t.v., and practically everything would be silent except for the sound of birds chirping and the wind blowing. I read in a book that this should become a national holiday, don’t you agree?
  • Imagine…
    if we could fly. not worrying about the laws of science or the amount of oxygen in the air, but just glide in the air, and free as a bird feeling the adrenaline pump through our body.
  • Imagine…
    if you could just let go of everything for one day. I for one would just feel like running through forever endless fields with the earth against my back.
  • Imagine…
    you could come face to face with you favorite book characters, and everyone from all you favorite series, trilogies, and sequels could meet each other.
  • Imagine…
    if there was no light pollution. And the stars and the moon were the only things that lit the world.

    The imagine series is something I’ve always wondered about- I’m definitely going to do more in the future. But for now, that’s all I have you guys. Happy Monday!

    shine on, and dftba

    wait, don’t leave yet!

    So I’ve been wanting to experiment with short stories, but I need some inspiration. But I need you help. I would appreciate it if you could give me some prompts to write about, or something you’ve always wanted to see/read. I’m going to try to make that happen!

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