I am such an oddity.

And I love people who are strange – people who aren’t afraid to be


Plus, my name is Aditi so even though it’s pronounced Uh-dhi-thee, some people call me O-Di-Tee. Or oddity.

And I don’t feel coherent or concise right now… so I’m going to ramble.


What do you do when you are stressed? For me, I like to read. But today, I had a sudden urge to try and blog. I lovelovelovelove reading, but even though I have four really great books waiting for me, I somehow didn’t want to. Got that out. Done.


You know, at school some of my friends and I created a club: The Chicken Hat and Marinara Club. The chicken hat came friend a friend who, big surprise, has a chicken hat. And the marinara comes from a friend who obsessively takes marinara packets fruition the cafeteria and eats them… even with a strawberry.

So when we created this club, there was an automatic motto:


And an oath:

I promise to be MYSELF!

And a lot of people joined, actually. So now we’re trying to start a weekly “unofficial” club where we do cool things. And actually, it would be cool if some of you joined and participated online. You just have to try and be yourself the best you can. Simple! And got that out, done.


There’s this book – “Becoming Naomi Léon” by Pam Muńoz Ryan that I’m reading, and it’s a really good book.

So read it, comment on it, and that’s that.

Got that our, good.

I just needed to ramble.

But au revoir, and goodbye for now!

Oddity (Aditi)

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