lil’ strawberry plant // a poem

As I tend to the strawberry plant in the corner of my tiny yard

As I dream about taking that first bite of a big, red strawberry- juice dribbling down my chin

As I inhale the earthy aromas of the breathing soil

As vines curl and coil around the nearly broken fence, straining for freedom

As the tiny leaves of the colossal tree wave and dance, breaking the sunlight and dancing with the wind

As the brilliant magentas and burgundy hues of the orchids invite our buzzing guests

The birds slowly peck away at the fulfilling flesh of the cherry tree, until the very core

The sturdy magnolia tree with its pure white blooms

It all


Down to

The garden brimming with life while surviving in the rough streets of California

But every time I move from place to place, three times

I look back

And remember

The time

When I tended my little strawberry plant

i remember feeling kinda creative one day and wrote this in literally five minutes. i found it in one of my old documents from last year and i thought “this seems interesting, why not?”. oh, and i really do have a strawberry plant in my backyard.

do any of you guys write poetry? poetry is this wild and crazy thing that lets us express ourselves. poems speak to me and kindle something inside me. someone better tell me how to write one cuz i really need to make sense of the stuff i write.


what kind of poetry do you like to write?

shine on and dftba,

4 thoughts on “lil’ strawberry plant // a poem

  1. Rosie says:

    aww, this makes my heart melt. ❤ I used to write a poetic journal entry every day, but that was back in 2014… some of my best writing is in that little book. a lot of pain. a lot of joy. I always thought poetry had to rhyme or be intensely long but I think it's flexible enough for anyone feeling — or not feeling — creative. as long as there is *something* behind the words, some kind of meaning, I think it's poetry. I think it's art. 🙂

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    • vaishnavi says:

      Wow, your comment made my heart melt ❤
      Thank you, it really means a lot to me. and thanks for the advice! i definitely get your point- if there is a story behind what you write, it’s lovely.


    • vaishnavi says:

      Oh haha, yeah I actually do have a strawberry plant in my backyard and I read this article on “making art out of ordinary things” so i’m like “okay cool, this’ll be interesting”
      I totally agree with you- poetry is like an outlet for our souls!

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