current mixtape: music I’ve had on repeat

Hey loves. I haven’t posted in -almost- two weeks, and I’ve just got to apologize for that. Is school a good excuse? Probably not. But it’s work in progress! I want to focus more on quality > quantity and create posts that I’m proud of.

I met a friend at school who is a music lover through-in-through, and she told me about artists that I’ve honestly heard of, but never gave a listen to. If you like chill music, or artists that seriously make you feel the feels (that’s a thing, right?) then this mixtape is definitely for you!

twenty one pilots

Yesss, you knew this would be hear. You did. Just go ahead and listen to all of their albums because they are the best.

Their main focus or theme centers around anxiety and depression, which even in music, is getting increasingly important. These play huge roles in many peoples’ lives (including mine) and hearing it in music gives you something to hold on to, you know?

The lead singer, Tyler Joseph, has been a major inspiration to people, especially teens out there (I even knew someone who wrote a paper on him).

While these are the main themes, their music ranges from all sorts of mood, whether you want a quiet song to listen to on a rainy day, or if you want to walk through  endless fields. Ultimately, their music makes me personally feel joyful, which is why you should listen to them!


Not every song in this mixtape is by mass artists. No, really. I won’t get too much into the details of this band, but I’m just going to say- why didn’t I discover their music sooner? Ahem. Sorry. You’ve probably come across many people who are obsessed with BTS. With good reason, of course.

They may seem like your typical boy band, but their lyrics are incredibly deep. 134340 runs deep in my heart, full of meaning. The entire premise of this song compares itself to the solar system, where Pluto is lost and no longer considered a planet. I know what you’re thinking- wow right?
Now, Pluto is a dwarf planet named 134340 (actually). If you want to get more into the song, there are a ton of references in their for the nitty-gritty scientist in you.
Even if you’re not interested in that sort of thing, you’ll still appreciate the lyrics- trust me.

Next, another song by BTS that’s pretty great, is Outro: Tear

It’s intense, no? Some people like BTS for their looks, but that’s not it here. What they pour into their music is everything. Honestly, these lyrics made me tear up a little. Oh, watch the fan translations too and thank me later.

Oui Lele

Oui Lele music gives you that lofi hip-hop vibes, you know? Oui Lele isn’t as famous as the rest TOP or BTS, but his music is just as nice- perfect for a rainy day. Their sounds set a calm ambience and never fails to put me at ease. You can pop on his music while catching up on some homework and just smile to yourself.

But honestly though? The background music is sooooo good. Like really, really good. Oui Lele’s music is one of the ones that don’t have lyrics, but it doesn’t change a thing. AAGH. Why do they have to be so amazing?


Like Oui Lele, Eery’s music has no vocals. But that’s perfectly okay!

Their combination of sounds and even pieces of radio conversations make it so unusual. Their music is timed so specifically. Weird way to think of it, but it’s kind of like for every few steps you run forward, you take one giant step back. Huh. Yeah, that was strange.

This Norwegian singer is currently working on his new album, and though I’ve only listened to Cloudy Days, I know I’ll love the next one. It’s strange because unlike other music which kind of drives you to a certain emotion and nudges you to feel that way about that song, Eery makes me feel a wide range of emotions all at once- I’m not alone on this one. Also, it’s kind of cool that whenever i try to tap out the beat, it backtracks and I mess it up all over again. Huh. Neat.

Cloudy Days

AJR- The Click Album

This band reminds a lot of Twenty One Pilots! Their sounds are bouncy and within the first few seconds, I guarantee you’ll be smiling and moving along to the beat. While some songs have lyrics and others don’t, this album was love in first light. I swear upon the cookie I ate that tasted like heaven. Sorry. Okay.

The main vibe I get from this album is joy. I feel happy whenever I listen to any song, which is one of the main reasons why people create and listen to music. To feel something. Whether numbing or something to something to relate to, everyone has a reason they listen to music or want something out of it. This album is pure ear happiness, really.

These three guys are so talented. Tell me you want them to collaborate with TOP.

Half Alive

Yay! Happy vibes. This isn’t really related to music… but can I just say that their dance routine is bomb? Truly. It reminds me of a elaborate secret hand shake, the ones that you and your friend try to make with each other?

The groove of this song is good-funky mixed with alt-pop. They honestly put so much effort into their music, and you can tell they give everything they have into it while not being afraid to have fun with it. In an interview, they even said that it took seven rehearsals to get that choreography down! Wow. Josh, Brett, and J. Taylor’s songs are kind of like stories in a way. Their lyrics kind of play out like a narrative; it’s more like you’re watching a movie and you’re intrigued by what’s going to happen next- the music kind of prompts your forward. You’d be surprised at how big a role film plays in their other videos as well.

I may or may not have had this song on Spotify repeat for the entire week…



Cavetown music videos 👌

I’ve only listened to their album Lemon Boy and every song from it is surprisingly good! Lemon Boy was the first song (Cavetown and generally) that I wrote down in my journal because it seriously gave me the feels. It would be the song I fell asleep to after a long day at school, or just the song that spiced up my playlist. Yeah, I was kind of -hmm, how do you put it- obsessed with that song. Yes, I said the ‘o’ word.

Robert Skinner takes nature and describes them in a way that’ll make you think “Wow, I never thought of it that way”. Cavetown’s music is so sad and lovely at the same time, and the characters in the song are so fluid and easy to reach out to connect to -sniff- I’m not crying, it’s just the darn lemon juice got in my eyes. And my heart. Yeah.

There’s a song by them for everyone, one you can absolutely relate to. I saw someone talk about the song saying that most music in general is about how they make a huge mistake, but Cavetown is quite the opposite; you’re the one who made that mistake. Their music will make you cry. Enough said.

Lots of love, Robert Skinner!

Last but not least… Khalid + Billie Eillish

Words cannot describe how these two have impacted my life over the past few months. Truly. Go listen to every single song every by them. Or try to. I recommend the album American Teen by Khalid and the song Bellyache by Billie Eillish, which are the first ones I ever listened to from either of them. Oh, and I’m currently obsessed with Suncity by Khalid, and ‘Billie Eillish Reacts to Fan Covers’ These artists lie close in my heart :-))


thanks for listening!

Give these songs a listen; you won’t regret it. Have an awesome weekend, of course.

Shine on,

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