cutting skies and soft blooms // a photoshoot

Hej alla!
("Hello everyone" in Swedish)

Before we get into it, check out my last photography post wayyy back: Rose, and my petition here: Help Ban Palm Oil to Prevent Deforestation

So I’m a super photography-oriented person, and it’s just in my blood to take pictures of everything I see. A few months ago, I refrained from taking pictures because I was feeling a creative block, but I’m back better than I’ve ever been!

Personally for us, winter is kind of melting into spring in a land of in-between, so of course, I had to take pictures of that. Here are some of the photos I’ve taken over the past week (with my new phone)!











fun story- I was taking these lovely pictures (of flowers known as “jane”) and a beautiful older couple asked told me that if I stood right there, they could take a picture of me too. it’s these small acts of kindness that lift my day.




Take some pictures, y’all! That’s right, even if you’ve never touched a camera in your life. You’ll appreciate the season more, and you’ll slowly start finding the beauty in little things. Slowly.

Shine on,

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