walking down the streets of los gatos

Hey loves.

this weekend (sunday specifically), my family and I went out to a place called Los Gatos. this place is the definition of old-world, and I definitely had a splendid time. and of course, me being me, I couldn’t go there without taking pictures. right?


➣first off, we went to this cozy little shop that sold affirmation stones, religious scripts, various oils, and the sort. there were holy statues and rocks of swirling, iridescent tones. there was a wooden bookcase with clean-cut engravings along the sides, filled with books by authors whom I’ve never heard of before.


➣there was a book that caught my eye, called secrets of chinese divination: a beginner’s guide to 11 ancient oracle systems, by sasha fenton. few, that was a mouthful. anyways, I’m not even on the first 10 pages, and the writing enraptured me. in my attempt to learn more, not just in school (aka, harness my inner nerd) I picked up this book. I mean chinese divination? who doesn’t want to know more about that?


➣some cool history: a lot of the shops in the downtown had originally just been small homes. which means that a group of determined people decided that they wanted to become entrepreneurs.. ta-da! that wasn’t exactly history… but I bet you didn’t know that :))


➣the streets were aluminated with glowing trees! you know me, I love string lights.



➣next, we came across this shop that specialized in everything olive. there were tin buckets spread across a long table, filled with various oils. there were the typical ones like basil, but there were also wacky ones I’ve never heard of. the ones that specialized in fruitaki method included a blood orange oil and a pickled pear one.


➣there were olive tapenades that looked like they were made solely to be placed in the perfect scene: a picnic. racks were filled with bottles of all sizes. sadly, I’m not much of an olive person and couldn’t enjoy the tastes -wipes away a tear- but, maybe it’s just an acquired taste.


➣I remember coming to los gatos several years ago for the first time for a pizza parlor, and the pizza there was to die for! we didn’t go there this time, but it’s a fond memory.


➣keep in mind that it there was intense wind chill when we walked down the sidewalks. so, we stopped in front of this tiny cafe. tiny though it was, it was packed with people. curious enough, we went in.

➣I’d never tried gelato before this day and it was amazing. I can’t tell you the name of it, and I couldn’t even pronounce it, but it was this whipped italian custard with cool biscotti pieces.

➣paired with a warm bread pudding that warmed your insides and just about melted in my mouth, I happily ate my.. wait.. I technically had this for dinner. okay y’all, ice cream for dinner? that’s pretty dang awesome.


➣after this hearty treat, I found myself talking to my brother while crossing the streets. he’s in college so he couldn’t be with us that day, but my entire family was chatting together and that was just perfect.



➣by the time we were up and out of los gatos, my hands were basically numb and my teeth were chattering. ’tis was a night to remember.

Let’s chat! What are your experiences of downtowns? Tell me what type of posts you’d like to see as well.

I’m beyond exciting, because, wait,
-confers with inner self-
“Should we tell them?”
“.. No. Let’s keep it a surprise for them.”

Well, keep your eyes and ears handy for a surprise post this Saturday! Mwahaha, this is going to be good.

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Shine on,

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