how to start loving mondays in 3 (simple) steps

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Hey y’all. So I bet you that you’ve had one of those days where you just can’t get out of bed, making you grumpy for the rest of the day. Oh, and the weather matched your mood too- cloudy and bland. Does this sound like you at some point?

Mondays Graphic

I was that one person who would brightly greet everyone in the morning (a.k.a. the crack of dawn) while marveling at how tired people looked. In fact, they looked like they had to be dragged out of bed with their huge mugs of coffee and put-offish expressions. For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out why in the world people felt this way. I noticed that most often, this was only on Mondays. Strange, right?

Then I came to middle school.

I started to become that person (except the coffee, of course) and I couldn’t bear to get out of bed. Now there are two main umbrella reasons which Mondays affect the most..

  1. the work state of mind
  2. the mental state of mind

Both can happen simultaneously. Soon after this started happening, and I wondered back to that time where Mondays were just like any other day of the week, and I –actually– liked them. Crazy, right? I started looking for ways to improve the way I thought about them, and now they’re my favorite day of the week! While I can’t guarantee it’ll be yours, I can guarantee that this’ll definitely help you out.

try your hand at kindness

Let’s make the world a more positive place, y’all! You can spread random acts of kindness to just about anyone. Though it doesn’t have to be just a Monday thing, you can do it on Mondays to make your day better. Something similar you can also do is help someone solve a problem they’re having. It’s a little selfish.. but also a win-win. If someone you helped (let’s say a friend) is feeling better, we’re naturally in good spirits.

The next one is purely optional and I know some people will automatically cross it off the list, but. But, you can just try talking to a family member or friend. You can take your mind of the subject, or, spill your heart out to them in hopes that they can relate. Either way, it’ll make you feel all warm and better.

If humans aren’t your preferrable choice, don’t fret! Stuffed animals will always be there for you. Seriously, don’t doubt them. They’re the best listeners.

try your hand at optimism

This is by far the most important, but subjective. Yes, even if you’re that one person who can’t help but recognize the bad stuff and is a natural pessimist. You can do this!


This is definitely the method I lean towards the most. Let’s say that you have a class that you dread every Monday that just manages to ruin your day. Treat yourself afterwards or tell yourself “Oh hey, I don’t like going to those meetings, but the ______ comes by every Monday/ I can _______ .” Finding something that lifts your day after your dreaded class can make all the difference. This is because when you change your mindset, your perspective will broaden and you can start to see the good side of things vs. the bad side. Cool, right?

try your hand at mindfulness

Mindfulness! The art of taking the time to appreciate the small things in life. Being in time, in the present. Compassionate with ourselves while taking note of how we and our bodies feel instead of feeling overwhelmed. It’s simply an option and a way to be.

One of the most effective way of mindfulness is meditation. Take ten minutes to listen to soothing sounds, or if you’re on the go, take deep breaths. Inhale for 5 seconds, and exhale another 5. It’s a repetitive pattern that will also help you reduce your Monday stress.

You can also take time away for a creative project. I can’t tell you more about this because it’s every individual’s preference, but go ahead and do that thing you thought you were saving for when you have “free time”. Both of these will encourage and remind you to be the best version of yourself on a day where it just doesn’t seem possible.

Another amazingly simple thing you can do on Mondays is take note of 10 things you’re grateful for. It’ll help you be more in the moment and bring you joy. You’ll never run out of something to be grateful for, don’t worry.

There are more ways you can start to love your Mondays and mornings, and not be that one grumpy person every week. But these three have made an impressive impact on my life. Let me know if these help you too, and if you want to see more posts like this ❤

“The alarm in the morning? Well, I have an old tape of Carlo Maria Giulini conducting the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in a perfectly transcendent version in Shubert’s seventh symphony. And I’ve rigged it up so that at exactly 7:30 every morning it falls from the ceiling onto my face.” 

— Stephen Fry

 Shine on,

P.S. Look out for another post related to this one soon.

2 thoughts on “how to start loving mondays in 3 (simple) steps

  1. Adi says:

    ooh very helpful! these tips are ones i actually use- wow, for once i’m on the right track 🙂 also, could you update my button? you don’t have a comments option on your buttons page.


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