holidays, edits, and timey wimey stuff

hello muggles! yes i’m still as obsessed as i was four five years ago, but that’s pretty awesome if i do say so myself.



am i getting back into blogging? i really do hope so, because my world has revolved around it for the longest time. i was working in a spanish project yesterday, and for my theme, i decided to do a blue-and-gold feel. then going down a hole of MEMORIES :((

Gay Coming GIF by TeaBag
so i want to be able to look back in five years and be proud that when i was thirteen, i learned about tImE mAnAgEmEnT. what a concept.
fun fact: i’m listening to we fell in october as of now, and it’s an actual autumn song. my friend showed it to me, and my first thoughts upon hearing it were: dew drops, cinnamon, and red boots. AUTUMN STUFF.
“every leaf speaks bliss to me.”
— emily bronte
and i’m going to be real– autumn will be my favorite season foreverever *hisses at the sunlight* if you’re reading this right now grace, i think i really might be a bookish vampire. it’s official. to be honest, the whole “fall basic thing” sorta got to me, but it hasn’t stopped me from loving this season. lemme demonstrate a colletion of all things autumn right hereee *clears throat*
  • the crunching of leaves beneath your feet
  • the way the word “autumn” feels on your tongue
  • hot chocolate (bonus points: tiny marshmallows)
  • cool days and warm nights
  • reading near a window sill and smiling to yourself
  • candles :))
  • warming your hands by a fire
  • listening to soft rock music (bonus points: elliot smith)
  • the wind making your eyes water
  • earmuffs!!
  • petrichorPublic Holiday Sticker
  • watching movies on your bed (bonus points: with friends)
  • soft sunlight embracing you in a golden halo
  • fuzzy socks (and wearing ugly holiday socks!)
  • cinnamon and cloves wafting through the air
  • stroking a cat/dog’s fur (this cat cosplay tumblr is golden)
  • blankets of fallen leaves providing warmth to dozens of families
  • gold tinsel
  • hiking through the woods/mountains
  • waffles with too much maple syrup
  • rows of string lights
  • PIEFACE. (i love saying that)– there’s a booth at my farmer’s market that gives out pie and i alwaysss take the strawberry rhubarb.
  • hot apple cider
  • truly, this is wonderful oreo weather
  • imperfect pumpkins and watching little kids decorate them
  • pumpkin spice everything
  • slow bike rides
some of these are obviously year-round but it just completes the fall season. aaa, i just love these SO much and i may or may not have created an autumn pinterest board i live for this time of year. for me, autumn is a time i can step back, reflect at how the year has gone, and sip cocoa intermittently the whole time. watching the summer collapse into fall is one of the most beautiful changes you can experience.
this week is… *dun dun dun* all hallow’s eve! (or halloween, but the former sounds much cooler).
i’m absolutely elated because i’m dressing up as the 13th doctor (and we’re going to blatantly ignore the fact that i didn’t watch the eleventh season)
i’m beyond joyful because i’m rediscovering this story that made my world view tilt just a little bit. that inspired me to wander past the very edge of reality. it’s fostered my love for science fiction. AND S P A C E. (my blog theme!) this show has always held a little room in my heart where it occasionally sleeps in, but i think it’s moving in for reals.
there’s something about rediscovering fandoms and old stories that make me feel so fluffing nostalgic about the present, like, “is this happening now for real?”– almost expecting there to be a catch but there isn’t. i’m just.. amazed.
however, as we fangirls and fanboys know, rediscovering a fandom brings along lot of insanity. remember: this is something we feel vERY strongly about. i’m talking about sleepless nights, procastinating on homework (umm… guilty *raises hand*) and everything around you reminds you of said fandom.
i haven’t started rewatching because i’m nervous that the above will happen (i mean seriously. never underestimate yourself. it’s almost scary). but i’m just so gleeful thinking about this show that stole my heart. the characters are impossible to fall in love with (roryyy) and every episode’s storyline is uniquely bizarre. sadlyyy, the latest season kind of bombed. and it majorly sucks, but you who’s reading these words, don’t let this stop you *pumps fists into the air* oh AND LISTEN TO CHAMELEON CIRCUIT.

unleashing this trash edit that will most likely burn your retinas


this song is pretty sad :[


this one was so riverdale inspired


my favorite πŸ™‚


this one is all hazy and nostagic in other words, pretty jokes.

don’t recognize the title? it’s the day of the dead *whoops* i learnt more about this holiday in my spanish class, and i just loved it so. much.
Skull Sticker
if you don’t already know, dΓ­a de muertes is a two-day festival in mexico (november 1st and 2nd). the first day is meant to appreciate the lost lives of children and infants a.k.a. angelicos. I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING- it’s soso heartbreaking. however, on the second day, families honor their deceased ancestors.
what really strikes me about this holiday is the absolute liveliness of it all. it does seem ironic, but these families honor the dead with a smile on their faces at all the memories they’ve shared. gorgeous altars, or ofrendas are created, each unique in their own way. for any indians out there (aditi and mukta ;), it’s arranged similarly to a golu. there are dozens upon dozens of candles, bunches of marigolds, and lots of food. and guess what? they leave toys for the younger kids. *starts tearing up* who wouldn’t okay.
colorful and intricate masks are created. if you’ve ever heard the phrase “sugar skulls”, those refer to little treats you can find in bakeries and generally any painted skull. i’m currently making a kaneke ken skull (!!) and it’s suprisingly decent. i love it so much. have i mentioned that?
that’s all for this post!
and guys? i think i’m coming back *hugs everyone in this community* yes, even the drunk aunt. i’m not totally weird, i promise.
lemme know what you’re looking forward to today or this week!! don’t forget to be awesome–

20 thoughts on “holidays, edits, and timey wimey stuff

  1. Sophie @ Me and Ink says:

    Aww.. this is lovely and yes to the autumn appreciation in this post (yes autumn is a good word to say)!! All the things you said I agree with the leaves, the hot chocolate, the food, the pumpkins, soft sunlight, socks!! YES I am all for it!!
    I do know what you mean about entering an old fandom because you are remembering the show/book/song with a certain part of your life and now you’ve changed since that moment so it feels weird but the intensity of your love for it is still there. It is a lot of emotions to handle!!
    I love that you are dressing up as the 13th doctor as well!!
    Yay for you coming back!! I look forward to seeing more of your posts!! ❀

    Liked by 2 people

    • vaishnavi says:

      awh, thanks! you can nevereverever get too much autumn appreciation because the season feels so darn magical, haha. YES YES AND YES. those things are ah-mazing and i’ve always associated them with a memory close to my heart, like sipping hot chocolate with my half-frozen hands near a port with white seagulls dotting the impossibly grey and endless sky. it’s just lovely!

      you basically summed up all of that 😊 it’s a difficult thing to do! (especially while re-reading the percy jackson seriessss oops) there is an emotion overloadddd. i recently got into a fandom i read five years ago, and while it didn’t mean as much to me now, i felt kinda complete y’kow? how does it feel when you re-enter a fandom?

      I’VE FINALLY MET SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHAT DOCTOR WHO IS!! no joke, i know only three people, and no one could tell who i was *tsk tsk* they don’t know what they’re missing out on. thank YOU for your comments! you have no idea how much i smiled ❀

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sophie @ Me and Ink says:

        Yes autumn is magical!!! 😍😍 aww.. that does sound AMAZING, hot drinks are better when you are freezing!! It is a fact of life!!

        Yes it is A LOT!! But I love it so feeling complete is a nice way to put it. I feel like your emotions of love are so intense and have nowhere to go and although you notice flaws more the second time, you still see so much of what you love and it feels like coming home!! 😊

        Really?!?! I felt like everyone knew who Doctor Who was πŸ˜‚ haha but it is iconic!!
        Aww.. you’re welcome, that makes me so happy!! πŸ’›


  2. Aditi says:

    I do love autumn, but summer will always hold my heart (that was predictable XD). ALSO WHERE WERE YOU AT TRICK OR TREATING TODAY *totally didn’t ask P like 50 times where vaish was* WE MISSED YOU :(((
    Ah mugglessss πŸ˜‹ and fandomssss and dia de los muertos (omg I’m not crying y o u. a r e ) AND GOLU.

    Liked by 1 person

    • vaishnavi says:

      ok hands-down YES. you are such a summer person and it’s impossibly wonderful. last summer with you was the bestttt. it was bright colors, impossibly clear skies, squinting eyes from the sun, BOULDER-HOPPING, crazy sharknado photos, and long walks through the impassible wilderness (which sounds doubly amazing ok). i’m sorry i couldn’t come πŸ˜” i still went trick-or-treating tho and ate too much candy so all went well!

      I AM OK I’M THE REAL LIFE RENDITION OF THE COWARDLY LION AND I CRY AT EVERYTHING. here, take my confession and make it yoursss. also, i miss golu already :(( it went by wAy too fast.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Mukta says:

    Yayyy you’re coming back! *hugs*
    Autumn is pretty much nonexistent in India except for the fact that the air is a teeeeny bit chillier lol.
    I didn’t know about dΓ­a de muertes! Goshh it hit right in the feels. πŸ’” Also it’s today whoa.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. beckythemothling says:

    Winter is my very favorite season, but I love autumn too. I used to watch Doctor Who? Never religiously, though, but I did name my bunny after the Doctor (we’ll see if the name sticks with the rest of the family) (She’s the littlest time lord aww)

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ash Ronnel says:

    ok, but YESSSSSSS to this entire post!!!!!! i was learning about dia de muertes in class yesterday and I totally love the concept! and your list of all things is basically the best thing ever. 😍 fall is one of my fav seasons, but i do have to say that i love spring the most!
    your edits are lovely, and i’m so glad you’re getting back into blogging!! πŸ’›πŸ’›

    Liked by 2 people

    • vaishnavi says:

      yayyyy!! i’ve met someone who loves all of this, that’s pretty jokes. isn’t it?? i watched a video about it, and seeing people celebrating this holiday was amazing. AND COCO. that movie neededddd to be made, and i was just watching it yesterday and totally not bawling my eyes out. i love learning about new cultures as you can tell, haha.

      yep, you do seem like a spring person :)) i would love it except for allergies oh noooo πŸ€’ but otherwise, it’s a beautiful season. nooooo, thank YOU for commenting! it made me so happy >.<

      Liked by 1 person

  6. banditΓΈ10059793 says:

    this was SO FUN to read through – like a box full of of goodies that you slowly unpack and love every little thing. your writing is so fun – chatty and witty and hilarious and deep.
    i agree with fall – it’s so nice. especially since i run cross country *against my will* – it’s so much nicer to run in cool weather.
    your edits are lovely – i love the rose one especially. there’s something poetic about it that i really like ❀
    it sounds like everyone learned a little about the Day of the Dead in class because I did too! it's such a cool celebration.
    and say a prayer for me because i CANNOT stop eating halloween candy and i will get diabetes soon if i don't stop. i have no self-control when it comes to sugar XD
    do more of these vaishnavi! they're so fun to read through ❀
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

    Liked by 1 person

    • vaishnavi says:

      so sorry for the late reply! oh my gosh. that means the ACTUAL WORLD to me, thank you juls!! 😊 it really, really does. okay, you deserve a MEDAL for running cross country because i can’t even imagine myself running so much (introducing the very, non-athletic… me! *jazz hands*) a lot of my friends run because their parents force them too, so i feel you! running in cool weather somehow feels more relaxing and i feel more energetic. hope cross country isn’t *too* bad XD awh, thanks, i’m trying to get better πŸ™‚ and HANDS-DOWN SAME. like, i’ve eaten more halloween candy than i have in my entire lifeeee. my brain is constantly chanting “sugarsugarsugar” it’s pretty bad, but c’mon. that chocolate is just begging to be eaten. i’ll pray for the both of us for sure! 😹 i definitely will write more of these!! πŸ˜‰

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Emma @ AFCTL says:

    Welcome back! And with such an amazing post!
    Autumn is definitely one of the most photogenic seasons of the year. I just love it!
    Revisiting old fandoms are so strange – it’s like visiting an old school. The sight of everything is so nostalgic and the love is still there, but you have changed so much!
    I can’t wait to see what you post next!
    – Emma πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • vaishnavi says:

      awh, thanks for the warm welcome, emma πŸ€— yessss, i can get some of the BEST photos out here like someone set the stage for just that purpose. i honestly couldn’t have put it better myself because that’s exactly what it is. it will never go old like almost everything else in your life, and that same consistency keeps you, you almost. it’s familiar and welcoming and accepting.
      i’m actually writing right now! tysm emma!

      Liked by 1 person

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