a blog tour ft. the diamond village: a short story

hello, hello, and hello! muggles, humanoids, all things forty-two, i’m sooo hyped for this post. as you can tell from the title, i’m participating in a blog tour! starring these individuals: ash, mukta, emma, ju, & el, and created by aditi!

if you don’t know who these individuals are, visit their blogs A.S.A.P. for posts crammed with awesomeness and T.D.V. character reveals + interviews.

diving right into the diamond village, i was just MiNdBlOwN by the gorgeous design done by mukta ;-)) just looking at it feels like you’re transported to this charming world. the diamond village is a place of love, friendship, and equality and combined with some fantastical characters? it’s such a positive place to take your mind off of everything else. where you can allow yourself to fall into this world of adventure and that’s my favorite part about this fantasy-themed blog. but what sets it apart from others? for starters, it’s one, gargantuan story! the village characters are part of a storyline combined with various other posts. if you want to know more, read the blog itself!

returning back to this world, i have a short little story to celebrate the hard work of everyone. it describes the characters discovering the human realm a.k.a. our world! for this story, listen to “a whole new world” from aladdin. now- lights… camera… and ACTION!


“oh no!”

a plethora of white-hot sparks exploded, first small, until the room was filled with a blinding light. all of time disappeared… except that feeling of being utterly stuck inside a tunnel with no end, without being able to call out for help. reciting forbidden spells from the book of elders was possibly the most foolish thing the villagers could do. how could they resist the euphoria of the unknown? all of a sudden-

the light faded away. the villagers squinted their eyes, adjusting to their surroundings. their heads were throbbing along to the beat of this new world. looking up, they saw the faint wisps of cloud against a deep, turquoise sky dotted with pink and red flames. upon further notice, there was a small, grey pinprick in the air, too far away to tell. it left a shadowy, white trail behind it which disappeared quickly. temporary. ever-changing.

“is… is everyone okay?” clem blinked and rubbed back tears threatening to escape from the painful journey. “please tell me everyone made it out safely!”

the villagers held their heads, but only from shock. they softly murmured words of affirmation before collapsing back on the ground. yep. they were just great.

clem rummaged through her upcycled, linen purse, sparkling with the sea glass woven through the threads. it had been a gift from sitara, and a dear one at that. clem rummaged through the mysterious little bottles, before settling on a neatly labeled bottle of phoenix tears. mixing it together with the essence of a ruby red gemstone, she created a soothing salve for her dear friends.

fortunately, they awoke from a haze in a few minutes. then the realization hit-

“where are we?”, mara exclaimed. “this world… we’re not in the village anymore. how did we get here?” mara shivered from the biting wind chill as the sunlight mellowed down. usually, the early summer evenings beckoned to her, but this world seemed a touch darker than the village. than at home. mara ran her hand through her poof of black hair and wondered how things could have gone so wrong; the gold tinsel leaves of a tree seemed to sway in response to mara’s worries, a grounded force whispering “it will be okay”.

clem told over and over, “this is bad. this is really, really bad.” her voice taking a frantic note.

but much to everyone’s relief, pep chirped in. “friends, it’s okay. i think… i think i recognize this place. when i did my travels, i met some wonderful people who talked of a strange land called “the mundane realm”. do you see that winged machine in the air? the humans call it an “aeroplane”. there are tons of people like us all on that little plane! humans travel in that mechanical bird to get around to different places!”

“but that doesn’t make sense. do they not have teleporting crystals like the ones clem finds around the village? can’t they travel on the backs of our regal phoenixes? surely their elegant, elongated bodies can transport them?”, remora asked. gazing at the sky, she marveled at the magic of the setting sun and how the dreamy shades of orange and lavender seemed to dance a familiar tune across the endless sky. “why choose to stay in a confined box when you can feel for yourself the wind whipping your hair and make your tunics billow in soft shades?”

sybil artistically gathered her toffee-colored hair in a bun before thoughtfully responding, “this world seems different somehow. heavier. see how the people walk in blissful ignorance of everything around them and the gray buildings rise to new depths we can’t imagine. i think if these humans could use magic, they would have.”

“if they could use it responsibly. i’m sorry everyone. i shouldn’t have tried to practice magic from the book of elders. it seemed so intriguing and full of mysteries!” flo’s wavy hair hung past her face and her eyes lost their usual sparkle.

sitara said, “aww.. don’t worry about it flo! it was us too- we were all interested in what the book said. but instead of dwelling on our mistakes and the.. well… strange quirks of this world, to say the least, we should be excited! sure, we’re lost and may not know our way back. but think about it- how often does someone get to travel to one of the seven realms? there’s so much we don’t know about this world. imagine what the rest of the village would say once they realize that we made it through this foreign world? it’ll be one adventure, that’s for sure!”

the villagers smiled, letting all their worries melt away. sure, they had made a little- okay, a huge mistake. but they had been in these situations before and knew exactly what to do.

“in that case– i sketched out scenes from the page upon bouncing between worlds.” sitara said. she flipped her sketchbook past pages filled with brilliant paint strokes and the soft pinks of pressed petals. elegant swirls of moonshadow, a sparkly pigment that seemed to bring objects to life, filled up pages upon pages before sitara suddenly stopped at a page spread of frenzied watercolor washes against white ink doodles. a swarm of little people marched across the page with a few words scrawled above: “to discover a new world is to uncover a world of new possibilities. take them as your own like a thousand paper cranes and let your wishes come true.” sitara closed the book, falling silent.

after a few seconds, mara offered, “what if this means that we have to grasp these possibilities? think about it- we have the freedom to do whatever we want and we have to make the best of it!”

“that works!” clem said squeezing mara’s hand. “we can do this- let’s explore!.”

after pep asked for directions from a friendly band of squirrels (who made excellent conversationalists), the villagers set off on a mission. wandering through the local town square filled with squealing children, the villagers marveled at the realm of the mundane. adults held too-big cups of coffee which filled the air with a nutty and exciting scent. dogs wagged their tails and attempted to chase squirrels who taunted them from a canopy of leaves, a haven. clem grinned as they approached a familiar sight- a bookstore. heading in, a bell softly tinkled and warm colors flooded the room. sybil brushed her hand against a near ancient encyclopedia, carefully opening the aged pages and sitting down in a bean bag. string lights illuminated the gold-threaded book of haikus mara opened. sybil walked across the room to an open window which creaked as the crisp notes of a wind chime escaped through. all at once, several dogs lay at the windowsill as pep walked past and laughed; she stroked their honey-colored fur as they sniffed her colorful bracelets. clem made her way towards a crackling hearth and started humming to herself.

“maybe our worlds aren’t so different after all!”, sitara giggled. she ran a hand through the jewel-colored books and marveled at how the colors caught against the light.

flo made her way over to sybil and one book caught her eye- a thick book colored a deep, royal blue titled “the traveler’s guide to the world”. turning the page, scrawls of black ink unraveled worlds of rolling hills and hidden concaves within the sea. careful crisscrosses illustrated swaying coconut trees in harmony to the crashing waves and the rock cairns of a magical place, flo noted, called scotland.

“sybil, look what i found!” flo said, brimming with energy. “we need to go there sometime. they say that the rock cairns are a portal to another world, and if you listen hard enough, you can hear the thump-thump of the beat of an ensemble.”

as though on cue, a CD scratched against a record player in the center of the room before music, faint at first but gradually growing began to fill the room. potted plants with overflowing soil hung on the ceilings as chords (musical theatre, sybil noticed) played out. flo and mara started to sing along to the song- “no one to tell us no, or where to go, or say we’re only dreaming” they broke out into giggles as they continued singing and dramatically gesturing across the room. the music reflected the joy in their hearts. mundane humans gave them peculiar looks but finally smiled as they joined in at last with the entire bookshop breaking into the last few notes- “a thrilling chase! a wondrous place! for you and me…” as the record swiveled to a stop, the villagers looked at each other. for the first time in this unknown land, they felt truly at peace.

at that moment, their hearts brimming with love for each other and of the unknown, they read in the quiet comfort of their fellow friends while the clock ticked by lost hours.

as they walked out of the bookshop (the owner had fallen asleep curled up with a friendly golden retriever) the villagers stared at the impossibly boundless sky. time had passed all too quickly as stars splattered the indigo sky and shone as if they knew something the villagers didn’t. the humans of the mundane world had long fallen asleep, and the villagers sighed with happiness as the crisp summer nights swept them along in a rose-tinted world.

they walked around the town square for several more rounds with a sliver of the moon to guide them.

“i really did ride on the back of a narwhal- i promise!” flo said wide-eyed but letting a laugh escape.

“this only happens to you flo!” sitara shook her head and beamed as brightly as a hundred fireflies. “speaking of which, we should all meet up soon! there’s an amazing cave i just discovered at the crook of the forest. it’s supposed to be home to a fountain of growth. they say that it will grant you the wish to grow anything you want!”

mara gasped. “i am so ready to discover that cave. my elderberries will overflow throughout my garden!”

all of a sudden, the breeze slowed down and the villagers’ steps halted. time seemed to come to a stop as a familiar light shone through, setting everything in its path ablaze. however, this was painless as the villagers slid through a tunnel to land feet first around their crystal-clear well. they had successfully passed the requirements for the book of elders!

hugging one another, the villagers returned to their huts and promised to meet again. as they lay in bed, events of the day raced through their minds, disbelieving that they had truly traveled to a new realm! with a warm smile on their faces, they drifted off into a deep sleep ripe with adventures yet to come…


i hope that was endurable >.< once again, i hope you do check out this collaborative blog– everyone there is so kind and welcoming :)) also, be on the lookout for the other posts in the TDV tour:

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let’s chit-chat; how was the short story? what did you think of the adorable village characters? are you looking forward to the rest of the tour?

xx vaishnavi

23 thoughts on “a blog tour ft. the diamond village: a short story

  1. Ash Ronnel says:

    VAISHAVIIIIIIIIII I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH *sobs uncontrollably* the story is just so beautifully written and oh my word it describes the villagers p e r f e c t l y y y y !!!! thank you so much for being a part of the blog tour, it means a ton!!! 💛💛💛

    Liked by 1 person

    • vaishnavi says:

      NOW I’M CRYING BECAUSE OF YOUR COMMENT. aAH, thank you so much ash!! i’m so proud of you and your character interview of sitara was bEAUTIFUL. and the aesthetics 😍 i was worried about not getting the characters right so that’s SUCH a relief. it was such an honor!! i’m so happy for u guys and can’t wait to see your new posts 💜💜✌️💜

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Aditi says:

    VAISHHHH I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S THIS GOOD OH, MY ACTUAL GOD. so this is basically people writing fanfiction?? ABOUT MY CHARACTERS OMFG. (is this a dream??? IT’S A DREAM OMG). Alsoooo, I got that tiny jab against squirrels over there 😉 “the squirrels nagged them” O.o And ohmYLORD. VAISHNAVI. this story is just soooo perfect iauwoefjcskjc I’m crying *dies*. You did such a good job of describing the Villagers!! And part of me wants to steal teh world-building you did there 😉 it was just TOO GOOD and if we were a real story, not just a blog, I would TOTALLY steal it hehe. Thanks so much for being on the blog tour- also, do you wanna come over to my place tomorrow? it would be fun 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. vaishnavi says:

    IT’S ACTUALLY THAT GOOD?? I WAS SO NERVOUS and convinced it was sorta trash oops. YES IT WAS EXACTLY LIKE WRITING FANFICTION. except probably better b/c 1) aDoRaBlE characters n’ 2) i can choose any AU i want?? i mean– that can hardly compete with fanfiction 😆 and this is gonna sound super weird (don’t judge) but i always thought (still kinda do) that people who wrote fanfiction were made entirely out of awesome and i wanted to befren every one of those emo and nearly soulless humans (sorry not sorry) can i call myself a fanfic writer now?? haha, yes, i had to include that in. now read that part about them walking around the town and imagine the village square during the evening with laughing teenagers drinking boba tea (ʘᴗʘ✿) yep, i just did that. YOU BETTER COPYRIGHTTT *strokes it before reluctantly handing it over* farewell! (also, i would love to meet 😛 any time!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aditi says:

      IT IS THAT GOOD WDYM IT’S AMAZINGGGGG *sobs in happiness* AH YES FANFIC WRITERS ARE LITERALLY GOALZ. 😍 (except for AFTER and, y’know, the ~*other*~ type of fanfiction) they literally just take your favorite characters and eek make them even sweeter!! (Except for when they have bad (really *really* bad) grammar, then PHOOEY ON YOU, OKAY??) But your grammar was per-fect, don’t worry! 😂 AW THANK YOU IT MEANS SO MUCHHHH (like I started NaNo on the 24th of November… it feels great to get writing praise 😅 for my procrastinating self oop-). Yesss, you can call yourself a fanfic writer now!! OMG YES I SEE IT I SEE IT I SEE IT. I bet you I would be one of those boba-drinking teens over there 😆 I feel like the Villagers are definitely more of the coffee-tea type tho, not really boba tea 😦 ah, well! I SHALL COPYRIGHT (wait how does that work??? HELP) or not. (also not today bc I’m going to the movies with my cuz but tomorrow?? TOMORROW OK IT’S SETTLED hehe)

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ju The Dodo says:

    OMG THIS IS AMAZING!!!! Vaish I’m in tears seriously, I so lovelovelove your writing skills and am so grateful that you were on the blog tour! I loved the story and ahhh… I’m just out of words. You described the characters perfectly!😭 Also, you wrote exactly what I wanted for Remora, and what I had thought of her as. Are we telepathically linked😂
    Anyway, thank you so much for taking part in the tour, it means so much❤ Virtual hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

    • vaishnavi says:

      OMG THANK YOU JU– i’m covering my mouth in awe and happiness right now; you have no idea how much that means to me! it was definitely difficult getting into the villagers’ heads ;)) you know what wHY NOT. our telepathic link has been made official. i’m proud to be in the tour myself as well!

      *hugs you back*

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Sophie @ Me and Ink says:

    VAISHNAVI!!! This is absolutely amazing!! I loved this story, the writing was wonderful and I could just get lost in it which is fantastic! I read it so quick and effortlessly. This was beautiful!! I love the concept of them exploring the human world and going to a bookshop and singing A Whole New World!!
    It was all just wonderful and thank you for writing this so I could read it!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • vaishnavi says:

      THANK YOU SO MUCH SOPH! i always did try to build fantastic worlds as you already know– i’m so happy to read your comment *hugs* and aladdin is wOnDeRfUl, i love it with my entire heart. it was a major inspiration!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. El says:

    But this was A-Maze-Ing! Bearable – are you kidding?! You captured the villagers so perfectly! 💕
    Right, I’m off to unfollow & refollow you & hope that solves the problem 🤦‍♀️

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Mukta says:

    Ok I’m l a t e but this is literally the most perfect thing everrrr omg I love how you wrote all of us!!! *cries tears of happiness* You did SUCH an amazing job, I love this sooo much! ❤

    P.S: Sorry if I haven't replied to your IG texts, my phone kinda sorta might have gotten stolen. *hides*

    Liked by 1 person

    • vaishnavi says:

      no worries at all– i’m more than happy to get a comment from you 😛 that means SOOO much to me, mukta, thank you sm :)) i tried my best, haha.

      YOUR PHONE GOT STOLEN?? oh no! do you have to get a new one?

      Liked by 1 person

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