from one earplug to another ft. an odd amount of dance music

hello everyone! i hope y’all are having a week crammed with positivity, grooving to your own beat. personally, i’ve been reallyyy stressed. usually, stress is more like a permanent state of being than an actual emotion complete with all its complexities- major bummer. hopefully i can get out of my slump soon though ;)) for now, the post!

you can all guess that i love music– it’s pretty cut-through everywhere on my blog, so i wanted to create a new series where i could talk about it more!

i’ve been listening to a little bit of everything lately with some old pop music mixed in the bunch. it’s been nice revisiting music i used to listen to a millennia ago. the image of a younger me with bouncy curls moving her head along to kelly clarkson makes me feel warm rather than nostalgic (h o w).

for christmas, which my family and i celebrate secularly, i got a pair of headphones!! i don’t think my family realized that i’ll never take them off O__o but more music! *cue the “oh no’s”

with any blog post on this little corner of the web, i’m under obligation to repeat: proceed with caution– contents under pressure ;))

house of memories // panic! at the disco

nope, don’t ask me where they’re driving off (who??) or why cuz’ i don’t really care when the beat is T H A T catchy. if you don’t already know, twenty-one pilots released “house of gold”, my chemical romance released “house of wolves”, brendon urie came out with this song, and vaishnavi is now of the dead bLeH. her grave wrote, “brendon urie’s crazy octave range led her into a state of shock… permanently“. but honestly speaking, there’s a certain spark about this song that really connects with me. i love it.

pursuit of happiness // kid cudi ft. MGMT

guys, this song turned ten years old, and that’s sooo special! if you don’t already know, kid cudi is a rap L E G E N D who was one of drake’s major inspirations (hence his random presence in the second half of the song >.<) one of the reasons i love this song so much, however old, is how it succeeds in finding positivity in the scariest of situations. it’s one of my fav feel-good songs that reminds me of driving through a desert as the sun rises with hues of pink and red streaking the air A.K.A. the best thing ever! listening to this song melts all my worries away for sure!

oh my god, the infamous G note *tears up* if you’ve ever heard the G note and had a friend promptly melt in a puddle of tears all the while shouting out “when i was a young boy”, you now know what evil events have been on the horizon– they’re a fan of MCR. who could blame them? this song is such a t h r o w b a c k to literally every piece of music this band has created. yes, it’s one of their most popular songs, but it’s HEART-WRENCHING. it’s childhood wrapped into the dreams of a young boy and a father. not only is it a frickin bOp, but it’s empowering.

it reminds me of walking through the checkered halls of a high school wearing a leather jacket, strumming an air guitar and singing at the top of your lungs. yes. the melodies are that good.

subdivisions // rush

Modern Cityscape Album Cover

this song was actually a recommendation from sarah at paraphernalia! i’m so happy she did, because i am in love with it. from the electropop vibes at the beginning which make me feel like i’m on an adventure, i can totally imagine this playing on stranger things! or even on a road trip, traveling through the depths of suburbia.

i also really love how this song is an anthem, an ode to non-conformity. i’m the total opposite of what someone would call a “conventional teen”, but i love expressing myself in different ways. this song is so important because it tells you that’s it’s O.K. to do that. and more so, there are so many others who feel the same way! there’s a certain comfort in knowing that, and this song is like a blanket of truth and wanderlust.

stone cold // demi lovato

when i first heard this song way back in fourth grade, i didn’t like it. now, it’s one of my favorite demi songs. i used to jam out to her music all the time, but only now got reintroduced to it after a friend showed me how much it impacted her. this song nearly made me cry- you can hear the love and raw pain. demi is such a strong and inspiring woman who is extremely talented, but whose experiences have helped her grow into a better and healthier person. this song reminded me of that as well as all the times i felt the same way as her! especially as an INFP, i always have this urge to take others’ pain away, so it’s quite emotional for me.

oblivion // grimes

i actually haven’t listened to too much of grimes’s music, but i so want to. i mean… she has pink hair- that’s pretty awesome! what really hooked me onto the song was the synth-pop, which i always lovelovelove!

however, the song is much darker than it seems. i originally saw hatsune miku’s version of o b l i v i o n (yes, the one with the cUrSeD rUnNiNg GiRl). grimes was a victim of sexual assault, so this song was incredibly personal to her if you listen closely to the lyrics (*hint hint* talking about how walking at night is unsafe). overall, the song is scary, but at the same time, really, really good. my friend the other day was asking why someone would listen to music with such negative themes– i replied that the message needs to get through to people, and can create a sense of belonging, of community.

vienna // ben platt

Light Khaki Simple Grungy Mirror Photos Band Acoustic Album Cover

guys. i think that this is my favorite song of all time. (!!) the original is by billy joel, but this one spoke to me on a whole other level. it’s from “the politician”, a netflix series (which i highly recommend for anyone who loves politics + people being dramatic all the time XD). the story of the main character, payton, was born to be a politician, so the show goes through his struggle through the high school election in hopes to become president while he mourns the loss of a lover.

it was both the heartbreaking story and the AMAZING vocals that really did it for me. *tears up* in addition, the lyrics just hit differently. i feel like they apply a lot to me as stress is like a permanent state of being rather than a feeling. whenever things get a little rough or too much, this song always grounds me- i’m so grateful for that.

QUESTION // ansatsu kyoushitsu- second semester

this song is SOOOO catchy! i can’t tell you how many times it looped on my playlist cuz’ it’s so upbeat and you can’t help but move along to it. it’s from a fantastic anime called “assassination classroom” (should i do a post on it?) and the OST is to die for (comment if you get the reference ;)) the characters themselves sing different parts of the song and the lyrics are so meaningful. if it only had the synchronized dance routine, it would be my favorite anime OP. if anything, y’all should just listen to this song for this grinning, yellow octopus. i mean, just look at that face. you can’t say no.

basket case // green day

what i love most about green day is its awesome guitar riffs. seriously, billie joe armstrong and jason white are underappreciated. they’re the best guitar riffs in the history of guitar riffs, and they make me want to quit piano and start learning how to jam out on the electric guitar XD. and if you listen closely enough, there’s even a canon in D chord progression! this is why i love classic rock- there’s so much you can do with it, and the experimentation never stops >.<

rose golden // kid cudi ft. WILLOW

in case you were wondering- this song features the same person who sang “i whipped my hair back and forth”. it’s also the same person who caused me to sing into my hairbrush and get yelled at because of all that hair flipping… sorry not sorry.

i love how the beginning just HITS you all of a sudden like “bam, what?!” i feel like it’s a song everyone can groove along to- not just because of the beats, but also because of the message. it’s so empowering, and pushes me to forge my own path!

and that concludes this post! i went off a bit of a tangent… oops XD. in all honesty, these songs are amazing y’all (this totally isn’t biased)

i would love to hear if you listen to any of these so we can jump up and down in our chairs about them. and lemme know how your week is going!

xx vaishnavi

26 thoughts on “from one earplug to another ft. an odd amount of dance music

  1. beckythemothling says:

    I love listening to the music I listened to as a kid, too! It’s so nostalgic!

    ‘Welcome to the Black Parade,’ Oh my goodness the MEMORIES. I didn’t listen to MCR all the time as a kid, but I still liked some of their songs, and that one was a song I really liked.

    I love what you told your friend about why people like depressing songs. I think that applies to stories, too. I know that making ‘depressing’ art can be really therapeutic. It kind of gets it out of you, I guess.

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    • vaishnavi says:

      yay, me too! every once in a while i come across a song i listened to a ton around five years back and end up going down a rabbit hole of old music– i so love it when that happens! it’s nostalgic like you said and just reminds you how passionate you were about that!
      THE MEMORIES WILL CONSUME YOU oh my god >.< i totally feel you- tbh, i've only listened to several MCR songs and i really want to listen to more- i feel like a LOT of people grew up with them which is also, really cool! "welcome to the black parade" is such a meaningful piece gah, i love it! ❤

      it can totally be applied to stories. it's so interesting because we as humans (and vampires) are naturally inclined away from depression, mental health, and this recurring theme of negativity. i can totally see where you're coming from- these issues have an air about them that makes an individual feel so, so alone. when in fact, millions of others out there are going through the same thing! it has a way of connecting people and connecting one to a larger community who feels the same! i think that's pretty ineffable. anyway, that got kinda long… oops 😉 but thank you for commenting becky! we always talk through comments and i'd really like to know more about you too! :)) how about this- you give off a totally gnarly 'dark academia' vibe in your posts! do you like poetry? what's your favorite genre to write?

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      • beckythemothling says:

        Yes, I so agree that finding stories and songs that feature mental health (in a respectful way, of course) make you feel so much less alone in whatever you’re going through. It’s so wonderful reading about characters who are mentally ill, it makes you feel so much less alone and more seen. Like I guess it’s a reminder that there really ARE other characters going through the exact same thing you are.
        I give off a dark academia vibe? That’s really interesting. I don’t try for it at all, lol, it’s funny that it happened naturally. I love poetry a lot!! I don’t read it as much as I should, though. I mainly seek out older poems, I guess; I love Byron’s poetry, and William Blake, and Robert Frost. I’ve also absolutely loved some of Maya Angelou’s poems. Her poem ‘Caged Bird’ is possibly one of my favorites. I really, really love writing fantasy, and I’ve halfheartedly tried a couple of other genres, but I always come back to fantasy in the end. Do you have a particular genre you always come back to? What are some themes you really like exploring in your writing? (I really like your writing, a lot)


  2. Mukta says:

    I absolutely love House of Memories and Welcome to the Black Parade eeeppp they are SO GOOD. I also listened to Rose Golden a really long time ago and kind of forgot how it sounds but I just played it and it’s GOLD. 😀
    I am soo glad you mentioned an anime OP! I watched only like 3 episodes of the second season but that song is kinda stuck and I loveee it! *jumps up and down in chair* “The OST is to die for” cracked me up XD Ugh I know I’m a lazy procrastinator but I also really wanna know how the show ends! I can’t even predict it, like does he get killed? and hOW?? (Still, no spoilers pls)
    Also I’m a hopelessly emotional INFP too *high fives*
    I love your song recs, they’re always amazing! xx

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    • vaishnavi says:

      AYYYY STAN FAN gaah this is amazing! 💕 panic! is eternally cursed to produce boppy music- is it a blessing too? i guess it could work both ways, haha. that’s SO cool that you listened to rose golden! kid cudi makes some seriously memorable music, and willow’s vocals in the background just complete it. the message is so empowering too, and it’s just so great, i’m happy you re-discovered it! 😀

      oh my god, i was actually thinking abt you when i wrote that bit abt the assassination classroom OST! IT IS PERFECTION. the only thing more perfect than it is the norigami theme but both are sUcH a bop. okay, i totally get you with not completing the season- you’re talking to the person who has started like a hundred books and never touches them again (not my finest moment XD) and the fun thing is i can’t tell you how it ends. *cackles* mwahahaha 😼 THE END IS SO SAD THO, that’s all i can say!

      thank you for the kind compliments! always so nice to meet a fellow INFP/J!! in this case, i already know you which is so amazing 💙

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      • Mukta says:

        Yesss Panic! ftw!!! I actually began listening to him just a few months back (I know, I MISSED OUT ON SO MUCH) and I am eternally hOOkEd.
        I CANNOT AGREE MORE about the Noragami themes, both of them are utter perfection!!! I watched Noragami like more than a year ago but the OPs are so cool and groovy that I still have them on repeat! And I know the entire first one by heart XD
        Ohhh that makes me a wee bit more motivated to finish season 2 OK I’M GOING TO GO BINGE-WATCH IT BYE. (I’ll let u know how I find it once I’m done 😀 )

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    • vaishnavi says:

      gracie, you can yell it out to the world! in fact, next time you’re out at sea, i dare you to shout into the vast expanse of ocean that you love mcr XD hey, the the mermaids have to know!
      but to be honest, i reallyyy want to start listening to more of MCR! after watching the music video for “i’m not okay” i was screaming at the top of my lungs because THAT WAS ONE OF THE BEST THINGS EVER. i will be obsessed along with you 😁

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  3. sarah ☼ says:

    oh woah! i 100% loved this post. because MUSICCCCCC *squeals*. i’m so happy to see mcr & rush on there (hehe, i wasn’t expecting that shout-out ❤️❤️). my dad is also a rush fan & was reaaaaaally impressed with your description of that song.
    also, i’m not sure if you heard, but the drummer of rush passed away a few weeks back. i’m so sad because not only was he one of my favourite drummer but also one of my fav lyricists. rush lyrics are some of the best!
    anyways, it’s funny bc i’m actually listening to panic! right now. altho the song’s Memories not House Of Memories 😂
    heh, sowwwy, when someone mentions music i get carried away on a massive musical ramble xddd. i need to check out the songs here that i haven’t heard yet. you appear to have fantastic tastes!… that’s something the teen culture is lacking lolol.
    i need to stop ranting 😂❤️❤️ ||-//

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    • vaishnavi says:

      ‘BECAUSE MUSIC’ IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE REASONS EVER- yay, wonderful! *claps* < just a little bit excited XD. but seriously– i love geeking out about music with you! i so had to include that shout-out in there; you've got really nice music taste! eek, that makes me soooo happy. i always love to hear about someone who developed a love for a band along with their family.

      i haven't heard!! i'm so sad to hear that happened :-(( i did a bit of reading on what happened- fortunately, a lot of people loved him and it seems like he truly lived his life out; even better, surrounded by what he loves most- music .<

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  4. Sophie @ Me and Ink says:

    I’m sorry you have been feeling so stressed lately!! That sucks and I hope you feel better soon!
    I remember when I first got headphones– I loved listening to music all the time. Music is the best!! (I loved that you mentioned singing to Kelly Clarkson because same)
    I don’t know all the songs on this list so it was great to get some recommendations.
    Of course I know P!ATD and love many of their songs!! And Welcome To The Black Parade is such a tuunnee!!
    I have been listening to a lot of Lorde recently and I love her songs!! also inevitable by Orla Gartland– the video is really sad but it is an emotional, really good song!! ❤

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    • vaishnavi says:

      awh, thanks so much for the support sophie! your positivity in so many situations is one of my fav things abt you 😊 me too!! currently spending time on what i love has been incredible (A.K.A. reading lodestar 😉)

      the first time anyone gets headphones is so memorable. and a HUGE yes to singing along to kelly clarkson cuz’ she is #i c o n i c. i’m always happy to give out recommendations!! and panic! is just getting bigger and bigger and honestly? i’m so happy for them. it’s so cool you listen to them too- welcome to the black parade reminds me of this victorious chant after a war 😂 it’s great.

      ooh, i hafta check out more of lorde’s music! i’ve heard soooo many good things about pure heroine! true story: little me was listening to lorde for the first time on the radio to the song “royals”, and i thought the lower and higher octave ranges were actually two twin sisters! (but how cool would it be if that were true?) i think my fav song by her is “writer in the dark”- honestly, she’s such a talented song-writer. i’ll check out “inevitable”! ✨

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      • Sophie @ Me and Ink says:

        Aw… You’re so welcome 💛 I’m glad I can be a positive presence!!

        Haha it is and yes Kelly Clarkson is a queen!!
        I know it is great. They are doing so well!! 😍
        Haha I love that way of seeing it!! Ah-mazing!!

        I’ve only done it recently but she has a great atmosphere and her lyrics 😍 haha wow that’s amazing that you thought that (and it would be sooo cool) I love it!! I love writer in the dark too!! I think my current favourites are green light and a world alone!!
        Yay!! 💛

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  5. Ash Ronnel says:

    OH MY GOSH VAISHNAVI YOU ARE SO PASSIONATE ABOUT THIS AND I LOVE THAT SM. 😭 💕 I can totally relate because!! Music!!! Who doesn’t love it, honestly??

    I just listened to House of Memories and it has a really nostalgic vibe while still keeping up a fun, upbeat rhythm. Also Brendon Urie has SUCH a high range *is shook* And asdfghjkl I SO see what you’re seeing about feeling empowered while listening to Welcome to the Black Parade, it is a TRUE JAM. Wow, Rose Golden is really just u n i q u e and I adore the message behind the lyrics!

    Your music taste is so distinct and beautiful!!! A few songs I’ve had on repeat right now are fever dream by mxmtoon and Problems by DeathByRomy.

    This was a beautiful post and I loved, loved, loved it!!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  6. vaishnavi says:

    I AM AND I ALWAYS WILL BE BECAUSE MUSIC IS AWESOMEEEE. << fangirling moment over- for now 😂 music is one of the best things to happen to us tbh! it's passionate individuals using lyrics that tug at your heart and melodies that can sum up a thousand words. *sighs* i love it!

    it really does, doesn't it?? i am yet to hear a song by brendon urie which fails to make me move along to the beat every. time. it's like he cast a spell over us with every word! yessss, his octave range is literally I N S A N E. he knows just how to sing a line and that my friend, is pure talent :))

    i guess i have a thing for music that really sends a message, haha. i'm sooo happy to hear you listened to and loved "welcome to the black parade"- to be honest, who wouldn't?? and rose gold is like, the perfect song for that wake-up call when you need it! i have to listen to those songs- i'll let you know what i think! aaa, thank you thank you thank you ash!!

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  7. banditøjul | 10059793 says:

    VAISH you are always recommending music and i loveee it … i’m always down to listen to new stuff! hooray for all the genre-hopping, many-mooded people out there who dance to whatever makes them feel *claps*
    and i just happened to see in one of the comments that your favorite lorde song is “writer in the dark”… what are the chances??? i absolutely LOVE that song … i’ve listened to it on repeat for DAYS. it was basically the theme song of my winter break. the was she sings “call the cOPs on me” makes me flutter for for some reason … gahhh i love that song.
    and vienna … one of my favorite songs. i’ve always loved the OG but i actually vibed with the cover you suggested too … it surprised me! one of the rare covers that doesn’t actually ruin the original song. it’s almost like a different flavour …. but in a good way.
    i hope you’re doing well vaish! sending good vibes and hugs ❤ ❤
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

    Liked by 1 person

    • vaishnavi says:

      oh my gosh, i could say the same to you :)) yay to experimenting and jiving along to new rythyms and lyrics! *yahoo* “writer in the dark” IS super good! lorde is such a q w e e n, i swear. also, not that surprised you love the song too because, let’s be real, i have amazing music taste XD. it’s honestly the most amazing thing that it was the theme song for your winter break… i’m re-listening to it rn, and i can totally see what you mean about that line ;)) i love how the song has this almost magical element to it if you know what i mean. like it has this air of mystery and whimsicalness (is that a word??)

      yayyy, vienna is amazing!! i love the song so much, both renditions equally. i can totally see what you mean about the whole cover thing as sometimes they never quite ‘live up’ to the original. but then again, here’s to trying everything new <3<3<3

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  8. Charlotte says:

    I love Panic! At The Disco so much. Like you said Brendon’s voice is just incredible and so many of their songs are so catchy. I like a lot of Kelly Clarkson too; I definitely listened to her loads when I was younger. I kind of listen to a mix of music tbh. I love Marina & The Diamonds (I literally love every single one of her songs which is pretty rare), Florence & The Machine and Muse but also some older music like Queen and Kate Bush (I got majorly into her music after seeing a tribute artist of hers).


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