the disproportionate relationship between healthcare and transgender people

hey everyone!

long time no see- it’s just the best thing ever to be writing again and being back on this community *nostalgia comes knocking on the door* the past month hasn’t treated me so well in terms of my mental, emotional, and for the first time, physical wellbeing- it’s taken a heavy toll. as always, i’m finding ways to heal and find beauty in the most mundane of things, and i knew writing could help me suture those old wounds back together.


as i’m feeling this jumble of intense emotions, i figured that right now, there’s a group of people who probably feel the same way about a considerable amount of anti-LGBTQ+/trans laws impinging on their rights.

☼ why talk about this at all?

it’s certainly no surprise that transgender people in america as well as globally face a copious amount of discrimination by simply being. why should they be at a disadvantage for simply living out their lives the way they wish to just like every cisgender person out there? the fact that our society ostracizes the primary rights of trans people without a second glance is absolutely appalling– conservatives have created over 200 anti-LGBTQ+ laws, the majority severely affecting the lifestyles of trans individuals. i genuinely don’t understand the stigma that follows them like a shadow. transgender people belong here like everyone else and deserve a life where they aren’t shamed for being themselves!

☼ action against the trans community

the full depth of what this truly means has been manifested in a failed bill passed by south dakota’s government stating that transgender children are undeserving of receiving proper healthcare. this charade would have prohibited south dakota physicians from using puberty blockers as well as gender confirmation surgery for adolescents under 16. everyday feminism published an eye-opening article on misconceptions of gender confirmation surgery (a.k.a. bottom surgery) which i urge you all to check out if you want to learn more- who doesn’t?

altogether, gender confirmation is a means of treatment for gender dysphoria– an unrest one feels between his/her/their assigned sex and gender identity. not granting the right to gender confirmation surgery can negatively influence one’s mental health. a transgender woman named emily kaufman fills us in on how this surgery was essential in completing her transition- it helped her own up to her body, so who’s to say that bottom surgery won’t help so many more individuals in the trans community (for real, there are 1.5 million trans people in america)? 78% of transgender people have already claimed that surgery has helped them move forward. suppose that studies have shown that bottom surgery is often ineffective. isn’t the mere possibility that it can alter someone’s life and save them distress e n o u g h?

criminalizing the use of facilities such as restrooms, the expulsion of transgender peoples’ privileges, and the banning of youth healthcare come to life in anti-trans bills nationwide, just starting with this one. south dakota is one of the nine states this year that have attempted to advance laws not only against healthcare services providing care for trans people, but also punishing them, the backlash extending so far as jail time. personally, i believe that the potential of this is absurd and completely blown out of proportion.

☼ how the healthcare system puts trans people at a disadvantage

the dosage of discrimination against transgender people in this field has peaked when you look at the fact that transgender people a three times less likely to be accepted for a job compared to the national average (par). this comes mainly from the fact that many actively avoid ecumenical healthcare carrying the fear of being misgendered. the principal reason for misapprehension between a transgender individual and healthcare services is respect for the former’s identity the same way they would respect every being. i hate to break it to you healthcare services… but no duh.

kellan baker, a medical student at john hopkins university, indicates that there are umpteen insurance companies who will refuse to cover for gender-related surgeries. however, these companies haven’t given the public a valid reason for saying “no”- it is implied that they simply feel uncomfortable and don’t understand. they may also decline due to a lack of awareness to what transgender people are looking for. which majorly sucks. because of this, the quest to look for a healthcare provider who is willing to hand over their services to the trans community is a plight.

for transgender womxn of color, the possibility of death is not so impossible when so many suffer for HIV, AIDS, and have even attempted suicide (the amount of those seriously considering it has grown) no government can wave this off, because this is the worst it can get. this is it.

how to be an ally

in case laws similar to the ones nearly passed by south dakota get smoked out, it is important as ever to support the transgender community and gain momentum in ensuring their rights are equally protected. each and every one of us have so much power, and using it to help people out as a humanitarian is honestly one of the best things we could do.

what YOU can do to share the love:

  • read stories about people’s experiences in LGBTQ+ forums/communities to become more open-minded
  • if you want to ask your LGTBQ+ friends/others questions, make sure it’s O.K. with them first
  • stereotypes, begone! banish misconceptions about the community from your mind
  • respect transgender people’s identities. you don’t have to treat them any different from how you would treat anyone else. call them by the names they prefer.
  • educate yourselves!

yes, the government may make moves to pass laws against trans people and yes, the situation is a colossal inequity, but we’ll be ready when that happens.

thanks so much for reading!

xx vaishnavi

15 thoughts on “the disproportionate relationship between healthcare and transgender people

  1. cluelessceres says:

    It is really sad when people are avoided and hated just cus of the way they are…. and when governments themselves take actions against them, I can only imagine how sad and hurt people feel. but hey, the society is changing, and turning towards a more inclusive and all-embracing mindset, so yaaaaay!! and I think it’s really important for us to stop thinking of the trans community as “different” , because they aren’t any more different that each of us are ( okay even I don’t get where I’m going with this) I so so so love that you chose to speak out about the bias that is being practiced, it needed to be said!! 🙂
    also, your writing is so awe-inspiring ( I spent 2 minutes just staring at the screen open-mouthed, i kid you not!) and i’m so so happy that I checked out your blog<3

    Liked by 1 person

    • vaishnavi says:

      hey ceres- thank you so so much for your comment! (^^) it really is so sad when not only trans people are publicly avoided as well and not deserving of certain rights from the government as you said. there’s so much hate, y’know? however, you also said that society is changing… which is totally true! *yahoooo* still, the prejudice exists in forms of new laws which isn’t so great. *wahh*

      aaa, thanks so much!! especially for such a controversial topic, i’m happy to see that you liked my piece! 😸 IT’S AMAZING THAT YOU DID THAT aaaa that made my day for sure! i can’t wait to talk more and more in the future! *toasts to our friendship except with a virtual cookie cuz those are way better*

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  2. banditøjul | 10059793 says:

    I must differ with you on this one — although i’m sure that we can both agree that every single human being is a living miracle, and deserves authentic love. I love every single one of the people you are writing about with all of my heart and want the absolute best for them. i’m not sure if you’re christian, vaish, but the way that we see it is that God doesn’t make mistakes. Every person is created in God’s image and is beautiful and fantastic exactly the way they were created. My heart really goes out to those people who aren’t able to see God’s incredible design in themselves yet, and I truly hope that they get the support and love they deserve and the clarity that they need in order to see what amazing human beings they are.
    prayers for everyone who is thinking of taking their precious life right now – life is always worth it! ❤
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

    Liked by 4 people

    • vaishnavi says:

      i think it’s O.K. to disagree on this one, and it’s pretty controversial. but yes, i do think that everyone deserves to be loved no matter what! ❤

      i'm not christian like you or some of my other friends, but we believe in something similar too- our gods gave us our bodies for a reason, and we should love every part we think is an imperfection. we're basically amazing the way we are! but we also believe (my brother and i at least) that our bodies are almost like a road. sometimes people are given bodies they believe are imperfect, but that overall realization leads us to accept our overall being. so if someone who is transgender doesn't agree with the sex they were assigned, i believe that our gods made it that way so they can discover who they really are and conclude their journey by reaching their end destination- acceptance, and happiness.

      reading through your comment def made me think, and i'm glad we can both express our differing opinions to each other! at the end, life *is* worth living :))

      Liked by 3 people

      • banditøjul | 10059793 says:

        oh vaish i’m so thankful that you were receptive to my views! nowadays christians get mocked and laughed at when they adhere to views they’ve had for thousands of years. thank you so very much for being respectful and kind<3 ❤ ❤
        i def agree that we should love every little bit of ourselves, even the parts that we or society doesn't think are beautiful! we were so gloriously and uniquely designed, we should def celebrate that! thanks for sharing your view too!
        yes … life is so very much worth living. for every single person, period. let's spread that joy in life everywhere, aye? ❤
        power to the local dreamer ||-//

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  3. Sophie @ Me and Ink says:

    Thank you so much for writing this thoughtful article on such an important topic. It is necessary to educate yourself and it is sad to thing that we deny people things that would improve their life, mental health and more. It is hard to believe the laws that are in place and inequalities that the trans community constantly face, it is so unfair.
    “transgender people belong here like everyone else and deserve a life where they aren’t shamed for being themselves!” — I think this quote is really important and I agree with it whole-heartedly.
    Again thank you for writing this, such an important read!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • vaishnavi says:

      yessss, educating yourself- with the good and the bad- is always so important!! for ourselves *and* to understand the world we live in. it really is unfair to see so many people deprived of basic needs for just expressing who they are, and new bills aren’t making this any easier :/ it’s sorta like it’s my responsibility as a a fellow human bean to decrease as much world suck as i can, so you’re soso welcome. thanks for your comment, it really means a lot to me!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ash Ronnel says:

    Vaishnavi… your words always have such a profound IMPACT on me, and this really opened my eyes. It’s so heartbreaking to realize how groups of people are denied so many things just because they don’t fit into the “norm” of society, which shouldn’t even be a thing in the first place. I’m definitely going to learn more and try to help as best as I can because it’s so unfair for the trans community to be going through this.

    This was an amazing post. ❤ ❤ xx

    Liked by 2 people

    • vaishnavi says:

      ash, your words lifted me higher through the day- thank you so much! i def had to write it because it’s important for these groups to be seen and appreciated ❤ like you said, the norm of our society should be tweaked so these groups aren't discriminated against and not provided basic rights!

      thank you soso much for your support!! it was wonderful hearing your words on this ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  5. pennygirlonline2002 says:

    It’s so wrong that some people are pushed to the borders of society just because of some toxic mentality. It is who they are, it is THEM, and nobody has the right to question their being. It breaks my heart to read stories about discrimination against LGBTQ community. As a society it’s our duty to accept them, and as humans it must come to us naturally to respect each and every person out there!

    Liked by 2 people

  6. ahaana @ Windows to Worlds says:

    i think this post was honestly such a needed one just to remind everyone that we’re all beautiful in our own ways, and everyone is loved, no matter of their race, colour, or gender. this is so beautifully written, and the amount you care really shows through your writing! it feels so good to see other people fighting for rights, and showing they care, so i absolutely love this post ❤❤🥺


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