who am I?

*kind of*


vaishnavi // thirteen // california

the name’s vaishnavi– welcome to my little corner of the internet. oh, that’s (vy-sh-nah-vee).

it’s amazing that you’re currently reading the words I’ve typed so long ago.. it’s nice to meet you! -waves enthusiastically-

i’m one of those people who needs music… and then oxygen. so it’s fair to say that i’m obsessed. i’m also in LOVE with any type of story-telling! *hugs books* *stares wide-eyed at the webtoons apps* (screams into pillow after watching doctor who for the umpteenth time* i swear, i haven’t gone completely mad.

so um. however you happened here, I know it’ll be a wild ride –laughs sardonically–  really, wait until you see my posts.

but it really is so incredibly amazing to meet all of you. I’m just your average fourteen-year old, but I truly hope you stick around.

for our quiet readers, don’t be shy to say hi!

and don’t forget to be awesome~

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I am still in the process of discovering myself.