button swap

welcome to the button swap! So this is pretty simple- I have a button down below, and I can swap buttons with other bloggers, so I put their buttons here, and my button goes on there blog. told you it’d be simple. I normally only swap if I read your blog.. but comment down below if you want to swap 😀

Untitled (1) (1) (1)
my button was designed by the lovely lilian @ green tea with books.
her designs are sooo gorgeous and I fell in love with the art styles. she’s super quick with her designs, and they end up perfectly capturing the essence of my blog.. like isn’t the button above just so me?? if you want to get your blog designed, check her site out!
if you’re unfamiliar with how to swap, just copy and paste my button onto your page. okay, okay, I’ll stop talking XD.

your lovely buttons

anopam-button.png (600×600)
Movin' (1).jpg
blog button
Blog Button
Edge of Night
This Stack of Books
new button

29 thoughts on “button swap

  1. chloelights says:

    Hello there! I respect the fact that you’ll only swap buttons with bloggers who you follow! I love your site and would love to swap buttons! 🙂 Please read my blogs and let me know if you’d like to swap,too! 🙂
    I have two blogs:

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