goals for 2019


Hey y’all. This is just going to be a page where I’m going to list all of my up-to-date plans for 2019, what I’m hoping to achieve and try, and that’s pretty much it.

When I was writing this list up, I was also focusing on using three basic categories…
– personal
– family
– school

There are some resources below that I used for these and I hope it could be useful for you guys too when goal-setting. It’s also different in the sense that this list will always be changing and adapting through the year, instead of resolutions which are steady. You’ll be able to see the visual changes too (yikes, I’m a little nervous for that)

Goals for 2019


  1. Besides any school-related work, limit screen time (laptop or a phone) to <2 hours a day
  2. Read 95 books
  3. Bike around the neighborhood every weekend
  4. Find two volunteering opportunities
  5. Focus on self care for the mind & spirit
  6. Water is crucial! Plan out your water usage for the day, and start using Plant Nanny regularly.


  1. Learn how to cook <1 dish month alongside my mom
  2. Play a game of chess/badminton every weekend


  1. At school, instead of just trying to achieve the task, give your absolute best.
  2. Work on being a more productive human being.
  3. Besides any school-related work, limit screen time (laptop or a phone) to <2 hours a day


  1. Publish at least 1 blog post a week.
  2. Reach out collaborate with three people in the blogosphere.
  3. Listen to three podcasts

Bucket List (so far)

  1. Climb up the ladder leading to an attic
  2. Go to Maker’s Faire
  3. Drive in a limo
  4. Try Coca-Cola for the first time
  5. Ride an elephant
  6. Visit the Grand Canyon
  7. Go to a cat cafe
  8. Go to a butler cafe
  9. Try hot chocolate at Dark Sugars
  10. Dye my hair (or at least the ends) a weird colour
  11. Get a psychic reading
  12. Meet a book author
  13. Go to a concert

Resources + Sources of Inspiration

How to Make Goals Not Resolutions (video by vlogbrothers)

The Why & How Behind My Goals for 2019 (+ Tips for you!) (rosie from two point perspective)

Note to Self, For 2018 (topaz winters)

Note to Self, for 2019 (topaz winters)

MORNING MOTIVATION – What Successful People Do In the First 8 Minutes of Their Morning (video by be inspired)

HOW TO Create Your 2019 Morning and Night Routines (video by hannah ashton)

52 Weeks of Self-Discovery Prompts for Your Bullet Journal (megan from page flutter)

5 Ways to Tap into Creativity (Even if you Don’t Think You’re Creative) (stephanie from hello glow)

5 Ways to Spark Innovative Thinking (lisa from marriott)


Have an awesome year
~ Vaishnavi

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